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STV Business of the Week
STV Business of the Week

Who is Rosa Red Jewellery?

Rosa Red was set up by Ann Atri and Marie McAleer in 2006 and sells affordable fashion jewellery, both as a wholesaler and as a retailer through its website. Rosa Red Jewellery recently featured on popular ITV program Loose Women which goes out to millions of people each day.

Where can I buy Rosa Red Jewellery?

We supply our range to a number of stockists throughout the UK, however we also have our dedicated website where anyone can visit us and purchase our products.

What makes Rosa Red Jewellery stand out in the market place?

Our strap line is "Glamour you can afford" and this is important to us. We know that our customers are looking for stylish pieces of jewellery at affordable prices. This is an area of the market that we believe we cater for well. What is also important is our customer base. Rosa Red Jewellery attracts a wide range of customers from different backgrounds and age groups. We have customers aged 18 to 60 buying from us.

What were you doing before Rosa Red Jewellery was set up?

Marie worked as a buying director and I worked as a merchandiser controller at high street chains such as M&Co, River Island and Littlewoods. We are both very driven and determined people and we wanted to take our skills and transfer then over to Rosa Red.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

We both love creating desirable collections and then seeing them sell. That gives us a lot of satisfaction. We also love being in control of our own destiny. Running your own businesses ultimately gives you more power to make decisions and anytime we have a decision to make myself and Marie just sit down and have a chat.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in business?

That the work/life balance is a myth.

What lies ahead for Rosa Red Jewellery?

Our short term goal is to expand further south into England and gain a bigger market share there. Our long term goal is to be in any cafe or restaurant and see many women wearing a piece of Rosa Red Jewellery